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Friday, March 27, 2009

Vision Map Video is Like Life Staging for Empowerment

One of the largest growing industries in the real estate world is, home staging, and now they even have a special certificate through a virtual university that you can get that makes it a definite profession.

So let’s take that idea and apply it to our life, stage our life the way we want it to look; how we want to see it and find a design in order for that to happen. Videos are great for mapping out how we want to see things, then when you add affirmations and music, that makes them even more effective as it taps into more of your senses and your whole body can be empowered into making your desires manifest.

We would have to be living under a rock in the middle of nowhere to not know about manifestation and/or law of abundance it is talked about everywhere, it is in the media and on TV, radio and the internet, churches are including it in their programs, schools are encouraging it, it is mentioned everywhere you go and are. Vision map videos are a method that can be used for manifesting your desires and attracting the law of abundance into your life.

When we hear these words manifest your hearts desires and the law of attraction, our first thought that can cross our minds is; this is a great concept. Then the next thought is, how do we do it. Videos are the perfect way, they are easy, they are simple, they don’t take a long time and they are very effective.

Now there is a true way to do life staging, creating the life you want and desire; empower yourself to be and do what you want; create and have the health you want; create and have the career you want; create and have the relationships you want; basically create and have anything you want and even more.

Once you tap into manifesting your desires, all the possibilities available to you are unlimited and you will find this all so exciting and invigorating that you will be applying this to every area of your life and encouraging your friends and relatives to improve their life also. In fact if you have kids this is an excellent way to improve their self esteem and you won’t have a hard time getting them to use vision map videos as you can use their favorite music and pictures of their favorite things and/or friends, you just add the affirmations. It is like automatic self esteem, they can even put it on their MySpace and share them with their friends, it is truly a win win life staging for empowerment.

Videos are also great for advertising/marketing for businesses, events, retreats, new books, e-books, radio shows, websites, again the list is endless and you can call this business staging for empowerment, go ahead quote me this idea is that good. So one could say that Vision Map Videos are good for life staging and business staging; and they are great also for any age and any situation, basically if you are looking to empower your life, create law of attraction and manifestation in all areas of your life watch a life staging video daily.


  1. Thanks Darlene for stopping by earlier... I totally believe in creating your future by visualizing it! Keep up the good work..


  2. thank you for checking out my blog and your much appreciated comment...let me know if i can assist you in anyway....have fun....and happy visualization!!!


  3. Hi Darlene,

    Funny thing--I did Home Staging for a couple of years...and I totally agree with you that it can be applied to life. The idea behind Staging is to emphasize the best features of the house and to show the possibilities. Therefore, why don't we apply the same principle and emphasize our own best features (inner and outer) each and every day?!

    Thanks for the reminder!

  4. hi kirwin

    thanks for the comment and i totally agree, sort of like the saying life isn't a dress rehersal, here is another interesting mothers maiden name was synchronicities