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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Manifest your Soulmate With a Vision Map Video

Are you tired of online dating, bar hopping, blind dates from your well meaning friends and you now really want to take control of finding your soulmate. This doesn’t mean that your soulmate won’t show up in these same areas it just means that if they do show up this way, it will be on purpose.

Let’s begin with identifying just exactly what a soulmate is and what he/she may appear to look like and feel like. They could be someone that you have a really deep and definite connection with; many times it is a person that you feel totally comfortable with and are able to be yourself with and that is on bad days as well as on good days. You will have the feeling of unconditional love which will be for both you and your partner; this will be a true definite feeling for both of you. A soulmate is someone who you experience a deep intimate connection with and definite synchronicity.

Unconditional love is when you both can see the inner part of each other with love and respect, not just the outer package, the so called “eye candy” will fade and it is truly only the inner self will remain to keep the relationship together. This inner beauty is the “soulmate candy” you are looking for in a true connected relationship that you can identify as a true soulmate.

We need to be ready to receive a soulmate into our life, which means you have to have done your clean up relationship work. What that means is cleaning up our baggage from all the prior relationships. We need to have a great loving relationship with ourselves and to know that attracting a soulmate has nothing to do with our body type, our financial situation, our hair color, our age; because when everything is lined up and you are ready on all levels you will just like magic attract the love of your life. A great tool to accomplish this attitude and create this
sense of self is a Vision Map Video, watch it on a daily basis and notice how your life feels balanced and powerful.

It is very important that you diminish the thought that you no longer believe the right person is out there for you and while one part of you is saying YES, I want a relationship, the other part is saying NO! Your heart is a powerful manifesting vehicle and you want it always to be on yes. Once your heart is cleansed, healed and open to love, you will manifest her/him in your life with effortless ease; because opening your heart to a higher vibration of being open to love someone unconditionally, it will just happen. Be sure and look for any negative beliefs or wounds you may still have that is stopping you from creating an intimate relationship. Don’t let the thought of being afraid to be hurt again hold you back, work through all of these wounded parts of you and then visualize how you want that person to look, feel and be. Again, the best way to do this is with a Vision Map Video.

Another thing to know is when you want to manifest a soulmate relationship into your life you must begin by being very clear and specific as to what you really want in a relationship. You must first know yourself very well and what it is that you are seeking in a partner; sometimes the biggest mistake people can make when trying to manifest a soulmate is to settle for less or become in a hurry. The beauty of finding your perfect partner is that you just know.

Using all of these suggestions, ideas and tools you are on your way to manifesting the love of your life right now.

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