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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Advertising With A Vision Map Video vs Vision Boards

We all know what TV ads do and how well they work to sell products, otherwise, the ads on SuperBowl Sunday wouldn’t be able to sell for millions of dollars. So why not apply that same technique to our websites and blogs? It is called video advertising and it attracts customers just like TV ads do and the really great thing is that it is very cost effective.

If you have watched the movie “The Secret”, you will get this next concept right away, we can manifest anything our hearts desire with visualization, so this is how video advertising works, you put a video on your website or blog advertising the message you want your visitors to relate to, it will have images/text/music and be of definite interest to the customers you are attracting. I always suggest you keep it clear without any direct sell and have upbeat music, the direct sell comes at the end in the credits; I also suggest a contact slide in the middle of the video.

Video advertising is so effective because it uses four of your essential senses; sight, sound, emotions, & sensory perception. When you combine all of these together your prospective customer is totally engaged in the advertisement and is also entertained at the same time. Now your next thought could be; that this is very time consuming and it is another learning curve to learn how to do this and you may feel that you aren’t creative enough to pull something like this off; there are services that create these for you and you just give them the information and they make the video for you. Simple, Easy and Time Effective.

Another suggestion I make is to make the video informative enough and enjoyable enough that individuals will want to come back on a regular basis to your website or blog just to watch the video, as it will enhance their life. Matter of fact you can have two, one for motivational and the other for advertising your products or services.

Vision Map Videos are also great for joint ventures, auto responders, email advertising, advertising products on sale or closeout, to keep you motivated throughout the year, to visualize new customers, thank you cards for customers, reminder cards to keep visiting your website or blog, promote new products or services; there are many more ideas, but this gives you an idea how expansive this new technology of video advertising is.

As great as vision boards are they just can’t do the things that vision map videos can, and another great thing about Vision Map Videos is that they can be put on all of your electronic devices and computers so they are very easy to have with you wherever you go and they are for your eyes only. The vision board is usually rather large and is left at home as it is very bulky to carry around and then also it is open for anyone else to look at, it isn’t private and able to be kept personal. Then there is the REAL reason, you can’t use them for any kind of advertising, they are just for your personal use.

Get creative, get into the advanced advertising technology, get website savvy, and step into video advertising for your website or blog; you won’t regret it and you will find that it will definitely attract more customers.

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