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Monday, January 26, 2009

Tele-Seminar About Manifesting Your Destiny in 2009


A tele-seminar presented by Loren M. Gelberg-Goff and Darlene Siddons, we are excited and proud to present this exciting event using the latest technology of video/meditation/music all combined into one product.

I am really getting ahead of myself as the video is our gift to you for registering for the tele-seminar, so at this point let me tell you about the actual event: we will be presenting; there are 5 empowering topics that will enable you to manifest your destiny in 2009:

· Create Joy
· Creating and Maintaining Balance
· Ask Power Questions
· Changing and Modifying Expectations
· Love Yourself

Enhance and empower yourself and your life to create prosperity, joy and fulfillment NOW! Learn strategies and tools to truly manifest the life you deserve. Step out of the fear that holds you hostage, and step into your true power!

Each one of these topics will be thoroughly discussed individually in the one-hour seminar by Loren and Darlene; and there will be a portion of time at the end for questions and/or comments.

Here is a sample of the video and more information, the meditation part is not included in this preview video, this is only to give you an overview of what the video will look like when you download it and also to give you more information:

Register Now: for details and to register

Seminar Price: $20.00

Now comes the part about the gift, we all like gifts and you are bound to love this gift, included in the registration fee we will be giving a video/meditation/music download that we have combined our talents together to be able to present this to you. It is first time ever product that we have developed and it will tap into all of your sensory centers for a powerful visual meditation. Loren has created the meditation with soothing music and Darlene has synchronized images to enhance the meditation along with affirmations to go along with it all. This gift is worth $29.95 if purchased separately and it is yours absolutely at no cost when registering for Manifesting Your Destiny in 2009.

Register Now: for details and to register

Seminar Price: $20.00

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