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Sunday, January 25, 2009

How To Make A Vision Board Video For 2009 And Beyond

Create 2009 to be the year of your dreams/intentions and manifest everything that you can possibly ever want, or you can ever be, THIS IS YOUR YEAR…..Create It Now….and here is the perfect tool for you to use to accomplish this….

You can have these Vision Map Videos custom made for your Personal Use or for Your Business, to Attract Abundance into your life, Attract Visitors to your website, Give as Gifts.

Don't limit yourself to just one Vision Map Video, these are great for all areas of your life and to give to people you care about.

Contact Darlene Siddons at

HAPPY NEW YEAR and may prosperity follow you all year long, this is the time of year we make new year resolutions and set new goals/dreams/intentions in all areas of our life. One of the best ways to keep these resolutions in the for front of our mind and life, is to let me produce for you a Vision Map Video that is perfectly designed with your goals in mind.

Let me produce for you your FUN and CATCHY Vision Map Video for ALL of your advertising and personal ideas. This video is personalized to your every whim and desire, it is something you will watch over and over again and keep as a cherished souvenir of your event or retreat.

The videos are 2-5 minutes long with royalty free music and pictures, get creative, they fit in all the areas of your life and/or business. The videos are upload ready for YouTube, and they can also be added to your website, newsletter or email marketing.

Fantastic advertising for any business, service group, or social group. Guaranteed to increase website traffic, it will be something that your clients/customers will want to see over and over again, and who knows maybe even tell others about, hence more traffic to your website.


· Debt Reduction
· Website Advertising
· Advertising Business Event
· Advertising Social Event
· Souvenir for Retreat
· Advertising a Retreat
· Building a New Home
· Graduations
· Weddings
· Family Events
· Videos for Troops Overseas
· Inspirational
· Processing Grief
· Loss of Weight
· Loss of Relationship
· Attract Wealth
· Create Abundant Health
· Manifest Money
· New Business Clients
· New Book Review or To Generate Interest in an already published book

For your personalized VISION MAP VIDEO jus contact Darlene Siddons at 760-726-8390 or

Prices start at the low price of $25.00

At this price you can get several, one for personal use and one for business use and several for gifts and/or customer appreciation gifts.

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