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Friday, October 30, 2009

Arne Rantzen - the Question Guy - will be presented by Vision Map Video on Blog Talk Radio, the event will take place on Wednesday November 4th at 11:00 AM Pacific Time on the radio show Good Morning Inspiration, this is a live radio show with call in capabilities

He is the founder of Creative Questions system and the one who discovered this ‘New Way of Thinking’.

Swedish born, Arne Rantzen started his life-long Healing Journey in 1975 with devoting 5 years to being a Tibetan Buddhist monk. Arne’s devotion to the Tibetan way of life can still be recognized as the underlying theme of all his work.

Arne’s interest in the western approach to Personal Improvement started in 1982 with learning the hands-on healing techniques: Reflexology, Craniosacral Therapy, Rolfing, Aston Patterning, Reiki and Body Harmony. He also studied A Course in Miracles, and learned Conscious Connected Breathing cumulating as a Body Harmony teacher, Rebirther trainer and LRT trainer.

Good Morning Inspiration is a weekly one hour radio program that showcases people that have a passion and inspiration about a certain topic that they wish to share with the world. The host of the program is Darlene Siddons who produces Vision Map Videos and is a personal coach with Effortless Lifestyle Balancing, she wants to spread her belief that there is more inspiration and passion going on in the world than drama and upset so she has put together this weekly radio program to prove that.

In 1996, Arne was ready to share his unique skills. Combining his knowledge of the Tibetan approach to personal evolution with his expertise of the western healing techniques he designed two healing modalities - Unlimited Body and Unlimited Breath and is the author of two books revealing the specific techniques of these healing modalities.

In 1997 Arne founded Unlimited Network, a company to distribute Workshops and products to Expand Conscious Awareness. Now, for almost 30 years, as a Personal Improvement practitioner and international trainer, Arne has helped thousands of people, heal physical and emotional disease, find their spiritual calling, and get passion back into their lives.

All listeners are encouraged to call in to ask questions of the weekly guest and/or the host at: 347-838-8498

Darlene Siddons is the producer of Vision Map Videos for personal empowerment and business promotion, Darlene’s mission is to encourage individuals to find and maintain their inner balance and to bring prosperity into their life. She hosts her own radio show Good Morning Inspiration on Blog Talk Radio Wednesday at 11:00 AM Pacific Time

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