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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Good Morning Inspiration presents Tuaca Kelly, a Physic Medium, Medical Intuitive, Empathic Healer

Tuaca Kelly will be presented by Vision Map Video on Blog Talk Radio, the event will take place at 11:00 AM Pacific Time on the radio show Good Morning Inspiration, this is a live radio show with call in capabilities

Tuaca Kelly is born to inspire! She is a divinely gifted and professionally trained psychic medium, medical intuitive and empathic healer who began channeling and developing her natural abilities of intuitive perception, sacred healing touch and uncanny improvisation in early childhood. Using all of her sensory abilities, etheric body and her clear intention, Tuaca conveys all she sees, hears, feels, smells and tastes to each individual that requests information from her.

Good Morning Inspiration is a weekly one hour radio program that showcases people that have a passion and inspiration about a certain topic that they wish to share with the world. The host of the program is Darlene Siddons who produces Vision Map Videos and is a personal coach with Effortless Lifestyle Balancing, she wants to spread her belief that there is more inspiration and passion going on in the world than drama and upset so she has put together this weekly radio program to prove that.

Tuaca is able to channel information and energies that emerge in divine timing and priority, what comes through can often be life affirming, transformational, healing, practical and whimsical. All of the information has value and is undeniably on purpose providing insight to each aspect of life. She loves to work with people as well as with animals and has a sincere desire to help as many as possible.

All listeners are encouraged to call in to ask questions of the weekly guest and/or the host at: 347-838-8498

Darlene Siddons is the producer of Vision Map Videos for personal empowerment and business promotion, Darlene’s mission is to encourage individuals to find and maintain their inner balance and to bring prosperity into their life. She hosts her own radio show Good Morning Inspiration on Blog Talk Radio Wednesday at 11:00 AM Pacific Time

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