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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Which is More Effective for Advertising, A Vision Map Video or Vision Board

This is really an easy answer, while both vision map videos and vision boards are both great for manifesting your hearts desires, only vision map video is effective for advertising/marketing purposes. Videos are the newest and hottest method of advertising now on the web and I encourage you to check it out and move into this new technology.

Advanced technology for advertising has hit with a vengeance and it is made available in all sorts of new technologies that you can use to attract and maintain clients and customers, hence, vision map videos and/or just videos. This is something you want to implement into your marketing program, these are even great for contacting customers that haven’t made a purchased for awhile and also to send a thank you; short zippy fun videos will get your customers attention.

Video advertising is merging in all areas of the web; youtube has been around for quite awhile and it is no longer something that just entertains us or informs us, it has taken a serious turn into massive advertising possibilities, you can use keywords for your individual videos and now you can setup a sponsored video account and promote your video; which sort of resembles Adwords.

All of this information is telling you that advertising with videos is on it’s way in for a formidable method of advertising. Actually it is already here. This is something that all virtual assistants and business owners need to be aware of and get familiar with, as this is something your competition is going to be using and you don’t want to be left behind, especially when it comes to advertising on the web.

There are businesses that cater to business owners and virtual assistance to make personalized videos for businesses and individuals, one of these businesses is Vision Map Video; you can of course take on learning how to make your own and there are definite programs you can get to assist you in making the videos.

Whatever, your method is to make or have made your videos, now is the time to set in motion your video advertising program, Most of your classified, social bookmarking, directories websites all have areas to upload videos; which is perfect for advertising your businesss/services. Now is the time to check out all the areas that you advertise and search out where and how to upload videos on them. So often we just get use to our usual procedure and don’t pay attention when new possibilities have been added. So start paying attention and when you see spots for videos check them out.

Spring is on the way, so now is the time to revamp your marketing campaign and make it as “fresh as spring” and start using videos for your new marketing campaign. If you don’t want to learn something new, let a professional make one for you and step into the new advertising technology of vision map videos.

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